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As we approach the end of January, I find myself asking “where does the time go” and I make a commitment to slow it down somehow. Remembering the days as a child, where everything took soooo long – why can’t I just get a little bit of that back! Well, the truth is that as we get older and have more and more responsibility, our days are usually a giant whirlwind of activity. Through our phones, calendars and day planners, we organize and try to take charge of fleeting time. One thing is for sure – we need to set aside some down time for meditation, a good book or show and possibly a glass of wine. Share some good times with friends, be in the moment and release your mind from any negative thoughts. Without that renewal of body and soul, the world can quickly come crashing down as time consumes us.

Another important thing to do is make a future plan. Think about what you want and hope to achieve. Look at pictures of things you would like to acquire and also think of the person you would like to be. Do it every day! Make it happen and don’t procrastinate – take small steps to get there if you must but keep moving ahead! And of course, be kind!